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Salvatore Sciarratta

February 16th, 2022 | 1 min read

By admin

Salvatore Sciarratta (born August 22, 1995) is an Italian trombonist, euphoniumist and composer. In November 2018 he obtained the Bachelor of Arts in Trombone studying with Giuseppe Bonanno at the "Alessandro Scarlatti" Conservatory of Palermo. He studied Euphonium with Francesco Tolentino in the same Conservatory. As a self-taught he approaches composition and arrangement.

Salvatore is currently studying Chamber Music at the ISSM "Arturo Toscanini" of Ribera with Egidio Eronico, he continues to specialize in Trombone with Roberto Basile and in composition disciplines with Alberto Maniaci.

Salvatore has written and arranged music for orchestra, bands, big bands, various chamber ensembles and pop groups.He has participated in trombone masterclasses held by masters of the national and international scene, such as Massimo La Rosa, Josè Pons Boils and Jesùs Vincente Monzò.

Salvatore has played in the most important Sicilian theatres with symphonic orchestras, wind orchestras and big bands, often as first or second trombone, first euphoniuim or soloist.

He has made several recordings, including the single "Siciliano medio", of which he is also the author of the music (this song received the "ACEP/UNEMIA" special prize at the national contest "Musica contro le mafie" in 2019) and album "Grazie", both with the band "Sikania".

Salvatore obtained from the ISSM "A. Toscanini" of RIbera the commission to compose the piece "Prologo - Tempio di Hera", for orchestra, as the first piece of "Suite dei Templi", premiered at the Selinunte Archaeological Park on July 1, 2021 (on the occasion of which he also received an important award) and at the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento on July 4, 2021. In both concerts he was also involved as a performer.

He is the author of the innovative methods entitled "Exercises against ease on unusual scales in irregular time signatures" in the versions for Flute; for Clarinet; for Saxophone; for Trumpet, Cornet or Flugelhorn; for Trombone or Euphonium; for Tuba; aimed at improving rhythmic perception and technique, stimulating the mind while reading and maintaining concentration.

Salvatore played with the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra at the "Beirut Chants" Festival, in collaboration with the American Embassy and the Italian Embassy, at the Assembly Hall of the American University of Beirut in Lebanon on December 4, 2021.

Salvatore won first prize at the international composition competition "BTS Composers' Competition 2021" organized by the British Trombone Society, competing with the song "Bright Call", for trombone quintet.