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Peter Thorne

February 12th, 2020 | 1 min read

By admin

Peter Thorne born 1955

Peter read music at Worcester College Oxford in the mid-1970s and subsequently studied at the University of East Anglia. Although he learned a great deal at this time, an equivalent influence has been his subsequent work as a pianist in popular music, theatre and jazz. Many of Peter's compositions show at least some influence of this.

Peter has also worked as a music teacher in schools and as a result of this he has written a lot of music for educational purposes or for concert performances at an advanced amateur level. Much of Peter's music has been written for voices, but since 2000 he has written mostly for wind instruments, partly because of learning the trumpet.

Peter's music is generally tonal with stylistic influences from jazz and other forms of popular music but there are also echoes of other twentieth century techniques and occasionally more recent developments are reflected. Peter enjoy the music of the Roma people in its various manifestations and this too may be glimpsed occasionally, together with some influences of the music of the middle East.

In general, Peter's aim is that the players should have something interesting and satisfying to play and the audience should easily understand what he is saying in the piece but he also likes to introduce some little touches that please him as the composer.