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Stephen Dodgson

May 22nd, 2019 | 1 min read

By admin

Stephen Dodgson was born in London in 1924, and has lived there with few interruptions ever since. He received his musical training at the Royal College of Music, and was subsequently for many years a member of its teaching staff in theory and composition. In 1950 he was in Italy with a travelling scholarship. Through the next 15 years he was part time

teacher/lecturer in a succession of schools and colleges. In 1957 he made his first BBC broadcast on musical topics, an activity which has developed uninterrupted ever since. In the period 1966/75 he wrote music for many major BBC radio drama productions. He is currently chairman of the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain.

Dodgson's compositions cover almost every genre, including an opera

Margaret Catchpole (1979); six piano sonatas; five string quartets; choral

and orchestral music. His numerous works for guitar have brough him

world-wide recognition.