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Is a Trombone Too Heavy For Kids?

November 21st, 2022 | 1 min read

By Ewan Moore

If you're in the market for a trombone for your child, you might be wondering if it's a little too big of an instrument for them. While the trombone is a fantastic instrument, it can be a little much for smaller, younger children to get comfortable with. And if a child isn't comfortable with the instrument they're playing, they're inevitably going to have trouble getting better with it. 

In this article, we'll talk you through how much trombones typically weigh, whether they're right for your child and some alternatives you might consider. 

How Much Does A Trombone Weigh?

It's worth noting that there are several types of trombone, but the most common by far is the bass trombone. On average, the trombone can weigh anywhere between 1.3 to 2.8kg, or 3 to 6 lbs. This doesn't make the trombone the heaviest instrument around (far from it), but it might be too much for younger players to handle. 

Is The Trombone Too Heavy For My Child?

It really depends on the age of the child and the type of trombone! Younger children will obviously struggle a little more with this larger instrument, while older kids will probably have a bit of an easier time.

Our best advice for anyone shopping around for a traditional brass trombone for their child is to let them get a feel for it first. Let them hold the instrument and play around with it for an extended period of time if possible. If their arms start to get tired? Well, that's a sign it might just be a bit too heavy for them. 

Are Plastic Trombones Lighter?

As you'd probably expect, plastic trombones such as the pBone and pBone mini are much lighter than traditional brass trombones, making them perfect for children and smaller players. 

At just 1.8 lbs the pBone is actually much lighter (around 4 lbs!) than traditional brass trombones. This is, of course, by design. The lighter weight aids a child's ability to develop good technique and posture. And because their arms won’t get tired as quickly, they can enjoy playing for longer and progress faster!

Find Out More!

Feel free to browse through our comprehensive learning guide, or take a look at the full range of pInstruments to see if there might be a better fit for you. You can also find a roundup of all the most useful pBone reviews right here! 

As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We're here to help! 

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Ewan Moore

After seven years writing about video games, Ewan made the jump to the music instrument industry to stop his family asking when he was going to get a real job. Mostly, though, he adores music and is passionate about its vital role throughout life - especially in education. He also played guitar in several bands with deeply embarrassing names that won't be revealed here. With a degree in journalism from an NCTJ-accredited university under his belt, Ewan uses everything he learned as a writer over the last decade to help answer any questions you might have about pBone Music in an accessible (and hopefully entertaining) way. Because if you can write 1,000 words on SSDs and ray-tracing, you can explain why plastic instruments are accessible, sustainable, and fun.