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pTrumpet Review Roundup - Is It Any Good?

August 22nd, 2022 | 3 min read

By Ewan Moore

Thinking about picking up a pTrumpet? Fantastic! But first I’m sure what you really want to know is if it’s any good! 

Is The pTrumpet Any Good?

Obviously we think the pTrumpet is pretty darn great. We could talk to you for days about all the great benefits of a plastic instrument, or tell you all about how its lightweight and durable body makes it perfect for younger players. We could also bore you by telling you why it’s the perfect addition to any classroom. But we won’t do that, because you seem busy. 

Instead of all that nonsense, we’ve decided to round up some honest reviews from customers, musicians, and educators around the world who have actual hands-on experience with the pTrumpet. Because really, we figured you’d much rather hear what they have to say about it. 

Read on to hear from:

Customer Reviews:

Read on to take a look at what some of the customers who purchased a pTrumpet directly from us had to say. 

Beverly B

“It's a lovely instrument and my son's teachers have said so too. A bright sound and a joy to listen to.” - Five stars

Rick C

I do a lot of busking around town and my girlfriend bought me a pTrumpet. It's amazing how much it sounds, feels, and  plays like a brass trumpet. It's a real conversation starter too. Absolutely love my pTrumpet. - Five stars

Pete T

“The pTrumpet works fine. I am a beginner and it is an excellent value for the cost. The valves and mouthpiece are excellent.” - Five stars 

Tyler S

“This is a fantastic company that really takes care of its customers! The product quality also matches the high degree of customer service I have received. Keep up the great work!” - Five stars

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Amazon Customer Reviews 

With 373 global ratings on Amazon from verified purchases, the pTrumpet has an average score of 4.1 out of 5, and well over half of all reviews are five stars! Read on to see what some of our Amazon customers have to say about their time with the pTrumpet. 

Good For The Price - Jon Doyle

“I have been very impressed with the sound produced, with a rich tone which, although not quite as brilliant as a traditional brass trumpet, is still very good. Tuning has been a slight issue for me - however, I believe this is more down to getting used to a new instrument rather than down to the instrument itself. Overall I would buy this again and would recommend it to others, the only thing I would ask for is a greater range of colours.” - Four stars 

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Great Product - Millie 

“I loved this product, the design is bright and colourful and the instrument gives a great all-round sound. It only weighs 500g which makes it easy to transport.” - Five stars 

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A Great Present - Jones Ultrasound

“Excellent value. Fun way to teach kids. Plays like the real thing.” - Five stars

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Impressed With The Product - Blake

“For a plastic trumpet, this thing is pretty cool. It's fun to play on! I have dropped this thing a few times and it has never been damaged. The valves are pretty quick and responsive, I have not had one get stuck yet. This would be great for someone who wants to play trumpet for fun or maybe a young kid wondering if it is for them.” - Four stars

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Blogs And Websites

Want to hear what some of the more esteemed musical publications on the internet have to say about the pTrumpet? Read on and find out!

Perfectly Giggable- Jazzwise 

“Like the PBone, we were once again pleasantly surprised by the mellow tone of this instrument – although it was a little quiet. Fitting the house 3C brass mouthpiece livened up the session! All round the PTrumpet is great fun and we have to say – perfectly giggable.”

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8.2/10 - My Best Trumpet

“The pTrumpet is excellent for a beginner, amateur or even for professionals who want to have a “backup” horn or something very fun to play around with. It can also be used on rock or pop gigs, with its cool looks and easy high register.”

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Fantastic - The Test Pit 

“The pTrumpet is a fantastic way to get kids practising with a 'proper' instrument, and as it is made from tough plastic, you know they'll be able to do so while jumping around and having fun.”

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YouTube Reviews

Video more your speed? No problem! Take a look at the YouTube reviews below:

Durable, Affordable - Chris O’Brien 

“I think that it’s a very durable instrument, and quite affordable. And it looks pretty cool too, so I think that has an effect on my rating overall. For what it is, it sounds great.”

Easy To Learn - Cosmo Music

“This guy is entirely plastic. It’s got plastic valves, some better ergonomics so it’s easier to learn for students, and it’s a really affordable horn if you’re just looking for something to start on.”

Find Out More!

Convinced the pBone is the right instrument for you? Feel free to browse through our comprehensive learning guide, or take a look at the full range of pInstruments to see if there might be a better fit for you. You can also find a roundup of all the most useful pBone reviews right here! 

And as always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We're here to help! 

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Ewan Moore

After seven years writing about video games, Ewan made the jump to the music instrument industry to stop his family asking when he was going to get a real job. Mostly, though, he adores music and is passionate about its vital role throughout life - especially in education. He also played guitar in several bands with deeply embarrassing names that won't be revealed here. With a degree in journalism from an NCTJ-accredited university under his belt, Ewan uses everything he learned as a writer over the last decade to help answer any questions you might have about pBone Music in an accessible (and hopefully entertaining) way. Because if you can write 1,000 words on SSDs and ray-tracing, you can explain why plastic instruments are accessible, sustainable, and fun.