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Modern Band Summit 2022: pInstrument Breakouts and Jams

July 25th, 2022 | 1 min read

By Rich Breske

Ramon Rivera and the pTrumpet Mariachi

pBone Music and pInstruments participated in the 2022 Little Kids Rock Modern Band Summit in some very intuitive ways. Of course, just showing up at this unique, energetic, and VERY musical event provides great motivation to get involved. Congratulations to the over 600 music educators, administrators, and musicians who made the event such a great success!


We’re humbled to play our part, and our breakout leaders were awesome in sharing the Little Kids Rock values. Each day, pBones and pTrumpets magically left our breakout room and appeared in various jam sessions throughout the summit. Here are some highlights:


Little Kids Rock’s own Spencer Hale brought the super popular pBone for Modern Band session alive with some very cool cats! Every participant learned how horn parts can easily fit in the modern band classroom. Using simplified BrassTabs, modern horn parts come alive with every participant learning to rock out on pBone. Learn more here.

You can Teach Mariachi with pTrumpet at your Elementary School! 

Mariachi music educator Ramon Rivera showed how connecting with students from Day One is the first step in recognizing and respecting this important cultural genre that is now present and thriving in nearly every community in the U.S.

Using Mariachi music written for trumpet in BrassTabs, and easy-to-learn buzzing concepts, so many non-brass players were celebrating their new-found “chops” in no time.

Watch these new players play “La Raspa.” Ole! Learn more here.

LaRaspa Demonstration


Dorothy Pino rocked the house with her Using pBuzz for SEL session by demonstrating and sharing instrumental skills, songwriting, technology, stage presence, and movement with these simple early-learning instruments. Just six notes on one partial make the pBuzz terrific for teaching elementary music skills and preparing all students for their next step in personal music growth. Learn more here.


From the opening keynote band to to the last session, our breakout team and our horn-playing jam partners put pInstruments through their paces. We learned more too, about what teachers need (we always do) and we’re working on additional tools to help make your teaching more effective, impactful, and fun.

Thanks, teachers and friends! We’ll see you next year! Meanwhile, if you want to know more, drop us a line.


Rich Breske

Rich grew up on Chicago’s south side and attended Marist High School, where he was an active member and drum major of the school’s marching band. He attended Elmhurst College (University), receiving a degree in marketing and music-business. His early career included time at the Chicago Symphony and Ravinia Festival organizations, as well as classes at the Chicago-Kent College of Law. Rich’s career has been dedicated to music education. He has worked closely with educators, professionals, retail businesses and corporations. He has established key education partnerships and has served on the board of directors for several non-profit education organizations. He has provided executive planning and marketing acumen for 21st century companies through Strategic Marketing Management, LLC since 2011. Prior to opening his own firm, he served in key management roles at KHS America, Inc., the Conn-Selmer division of Steinway & Sons, Inc., and United Musical Instruments, all worldwide manufacturers and distributors. He served in the management of the SMART Foundation which provided programs and advocacy support for arts education. He has also authored several publications focused on the arts and education and has served on the boards of non-profit music education organizations.