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pBone Review Roundup - Is It Worth Buying?

August 11th, 2022 | 5 min read

By Ewan Moore

So you’re thinking about picking up a pBone, but first, you want to know if it’s any good. Totally understandable. After all, making sure you’re choosing the best instrument for yourself or a loved one is one of the most vital first steps on any musical journey - one you need to get right.

You won’t be surprised to learn that we think the pBone is pretty great. We could tell you all the benefits of a plastic instrument or bore you with the details on why its lightweight and durable body makes it perfect for younger players. We could even speak to you for hours about all the reasons teachers love using our pInstruments in the classroom. But we won’t. 

Instead, we’ve rounded up a bunch of honest reviews from customers, musicians, and educators around the world who have hands-on experience with the pBone. Because at the end of the day, we figured you’d much rather hear what they have to say about it! 

Read on to hear from:

Customer reviews

Read on to take a look at what some of the customers who purchased a pBone directly from us had to say. 

Bertrand E 

“Congratulations on the quality of your instruments. This is great to help kids to get involved in music.” - Five Stars 

Brendan P 

“Had it one day and cannot put it down. Never tried playing a trombone before. Can play simple tunes already. Great buy!!” - Five Stars 

Riccardo F

“I bought the pBone for my son as he wanted to learn how to play the trombone, but the brass one was a bit too heavy to handle. At a fraction of the weight and the added benefit of choosing a colour made pBone the only choice, and it sounds great as well!” - Five Stars 

Andrew P

“It is brilliant, I didn't think that it would sound like a trombone, I'm amazed at the tone, thank you very much.” - Five Stars 

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Amazon customer reviews 

With 625 global ratings on Amazon from verified purchases, the pBone has an average score of 4.6 out of 5, and 76% of all reviews are five stars! Read on to see what some of our Amazon customers have to say about their time with the pBone. 

Recommended for beginners - roofrabbit

“I gave this plastic trombone as an Xmas gift to my son-in-law who plays trombone in the U. S. Air Force Band in Washington DC. He says that he likes it very much because of its novelty (good!, because the pBone could have been a gag gift gone sour). 

“Of course, the pBone is no competitor for the Edwards, but is more of a recreational instrument suitable for beginning students of the trombone… The small size of the plastic mouthpiece, in my own opinion, is a drawback that ought to be corrected by the manufacturer since school marching bands sometimes have to play in cold or freezing weather when a metal mouthpiece is uncomfortable to play upon. However, there are plastic rims that can be fitted to a metal mouthpiece to alleviate the discomfort of a cold mouthpiece.” - Four Stars 

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Excellent sound and feel - S. Downin 

“Excellent sound and feel to this trombone. It sounds very "brassy" for being made from plastic and carbon fibre. The main slide is very smooth and needs no lubrication. The tuning slide is also amazingly smooth. Almost TOO smooth - if you're not playing and tend to hold the instrument by the counterweight, you can easily end up moving the tuning slide. 

“The plastic mouthpiece I could take or leave. It's an 11C. Helps a little for hitting the higher notes. I also grabbed a Blessing 6 1/2 AL to go with this as my primary mouthpiece. *edit* I'm really warming up to the mouthpiece. I'm finding it gives me a more stable embouchure and really helps me hit the higher notes that I'd always struggled with in the past using a 12C or the 6 1/2 AL.” - Four Stars 

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Plays great - blueskies 

“I bought this to try playing again. I wanted to get a cheap instrument that plays good. I chose this product as it is in the lower price range of trombones. It is extremely light and portable. I really like it.

“I would suggest getting a brass mouthpiece. The plastic mouthpiece plays ok, but just doesn't feel right to me. The sound is great though. I think it sounds just fine. I think this would be an excellent first instrument or just something to haul around for a quick gig.” - Four Stars 

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A true plastic trombone - Providential 

“It's a real trombone. So many people try to talk down the pBone as though it's a toy, but this is a true plastic trombone. It sets up and handles almost identically to a real trombone. A professional could play this just like a regular brass trombone. Someone who goes to rough gigs, like ska bands, may want to consider a pBone so they don't have to lug brass around.” - Five Stars

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“Love it!” - PJ & E

“Definitely recommend for pep bands or as a sports fan in the stands. Super fun! Good for young students who find the trombone too heavy (trade-off to keep the practice going, but still build muscle to hold a real trombone).”

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Blogs and websites

Want to hear what some of the more esteemed musical publications on the internet have to say about the pBone? Read on and find out!

Mellow and well-balanced - Jazzwise 

“It’s a serious musical instrument and it really is extraordinarily good. OK, it’s never going to compare to your favourite ol’ bone – but it’s not trying to. The mouthpiece, like the horn, is almost weightless; it’s well-designed with a good shape and a cup that strikes a good balance between the ‘V’ and ‘Bowl’. The rim is smooth and well-defined.”

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A competent instrument - Michael Clayville (musician, trombonist teacher)

“The pBone is an extremely playable, durable instrument bound to find its way into elementary schools and ska bands around the world.”

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A great starter instrument - Sweetheart Flute

“Pbone Trombone is a plastic trombone which makes it different from other trombones. The plastic makes it very lightweight and easy to carry around and we found it has a great sound quality. Don’t expect it to be like a brass trombone but it is a great starter trombone.”

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An affordable, durable option - Music Minds 

“Compared to a professional grade horn, the sound doesn’t resonate as loudly as brass, the slide action is a little unique but not at all bad and there are some intonation issues in the very low range of the horn, but these are minor discrepancies compared to its excellent overall performance across the majority of the range of the horn” - 8.2/10

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YouTube reviews

Video more your speed? No problem! Take a look at the YouTube reviews below. 

Fantastic - JulesTheHuman


“At this price point, getting an actual working trombone is fantastic! This is a really solid starter trombone for anybody. I wouldn’t take it to a classical audition, but for jazz stuff, and for fun gig stuff? I definitely use this trombone.”

Incredibly durable - TrentHamilton


“What I’ll tell you about this instrument is that it’s very free-flowing. This instrument has a very clear and even resonance between the different [slide] positions. These trombones are incredibly durable.”

Sounds great, real tough - GrimmsChronicles 


“I really like this horn, and think it’s super cool because it’s so light and durable… and my kids can pick it up and not completely break it!”

Find out more

Convinced the pBone is the right instrument for you? Feel free to browse through our comprehensive learning guide, or take a look at the full range of pInstruments to see if there might be a better fit for you. 

And as always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We're here to help! 

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Ewan Moore

After seven years writing about video games, Ewan made the jump to the music instrument industry to stop his family asking when he was going to get a real job. Mostly, though, he adores music and is passionate about its vital role throughout life - especially in education. He also played guitar in several bands with deeply embarrassing names that won't be revealed here. With a degree in journalism from an NCTJ-accredited university under his belt, Ewan uses everything he learned as a writer over the last decade to help answer any questions you might have about pBone Music in an accessible (and hopefully entertaining) way. Because if you can write 1,000 words on SSDs and ray-tracing, you can explain why plastic instruments are accessible, sustainable, and fun.