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BUZZ21! pBuzz Class: Episode Five

November 20th, 2023 | 2 min read

By Adam McCulloch

Episode five of BUZZ21! for pBuzz.

In the fifth episode of his BUZZ21! Series for teachers using pBuzz in their lessons, Grant Golding is bringing some calm to the classroom.

Grant guides us through a melodious path to health and happiness. After all, it's not just about the notes we play; it's about the silence between them and the rhythm of our breath.

Grant introduces us to 'square breathing,' a technique championed for stress relief and mindfulness, that is perfect for musicians and non-musicians alike. It's a simple practice: breathe in for three or five, hold, exhale for three or five, and hold again, creating a calming pattern that can ease the busiest of minds. Teachers might find it useful after their lessons, while musical parents might need it to survive the school run. For children, it can be a hugely positive and proactive way to bring mindfulness into music.

From the Wellerman to wellness

Grant takes us deeper into the 'symphony of sounds,' a mindful listening exercise that tunes our ears to the world's natural orchestra. From the intimate sounds of our breath to the distant hum of traffic, this practice sharpens the auditory skills of children and adults alike and fosters a serene state of mind, invaluable for the focused musician (and the restful sleeper)

In this session, Grant selects three tunes that resonate with positivity and hope. First up is the familiar Shotgun, a tune that never fails to lift spirits. You can find Grant’s guide to playing Shotgun in episodes three and four.

Then, a rendition of Over the Rainbow, especially the soul-soothing Iz version, invites us to sing and soar beyond our troubles. Lastly, Gonna Fly Now – yes, the iconic Rocky theme – is adapted for the pBuzz, inspiring us to stand tall and embrace the champion within.

Grant uses playful phrases like "I like chips and curry sauce" to teach rhythm and inject fun into learning. It's about making music accessible, enjoyable, and, above all, a part of our journey to wellness.

Rise and sing with pBuzz

Next, we delve into Rise by Jonas Blue Jack and Jack, a tune that naturally fits the pBuzz and requires no adaptation. It's a modern hit that speaks to the youth, encouraging them to find their voice and rhythm without the pressure of perfection. You can check out the tune for yourself in the music video:

Sketching melodies with Three Little Birds

Finally, Grant brings us Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, a song synonymous with peace and positivity. This session is not just about playing; it's about creating – drawing, imagining, and singing. For those who prefer the buzz to the vocals, there's a note for that, making it inclusive for all.

This BUZZ21! episode is a reminder of the power of music in healing and happiness. Grant Golding doesn't just teach us how to play; he shows us how music can be a companion through the peaks and valleys of life. And in the classroom, those peaks and valleys can lead to some real challenges.

Check out episode five of Grant’s BUZZ21! series here:

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Whether you're a teacher looking to infuse your lessons with joy, or a student seeking solace in sound, let music, mindfulness, and playing your pBuzz be your guide to a happier, healthier you.


Adam McCulloch

Adam is the Content Manager at pBone Music. This should mean that he’s the ideal person to write about himself, but he finds boasting in the third person a little awkward. He honed his word wizardry with a degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Leeds. He has since written copy for clients and businesses across the land, from awards to something beginning with “z”. He also spent a number of years as a musician. He has written pop songs and even jingles for kids, performed more first dances at weddings than you could shake a pBuzz at, and once played a gig for a pie company at The Etihad Stadium in Manchester. When he’s not reminiscing about those good old days, you might find Adam enjoying the football (although as an Everton fan, that can be difficult). He also loves spending time with his partner, Jen, and his family and friends, and sincerely hopes they feel the same way.