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Teaching Mariachi in Hispanic Heritage Month

September 29th, 2023 | 0 min read

By Adam McCulloch

Teaching Mariachi in Hispanic Heritage Month with Ramón Rivera

Ramón Rivera is on a mission to spread the word about Mariachi to educators across the USA and beyond. Ramón passionately believes that all children should experience all kinds of music. Whether it is the music of your heritage or a whole new genre to discover and immerse yourself in, Mariachi can breathe life into your music classes.

In this interview, Ramón discusses his own story as both a musician and educator and the impact of Mariachi. He also shares his experience of teaching others about Mariachi, both his students and the other educators who are keen to learn about starting their own Mariachi programs.


Hispanic Heritage Month runs between September the 15th and October the 15th. Ramón also discusses some of the ways that educators can use this time of year to bring a flavor of Mariachi into lessons. 

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Adam McCulloch

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