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pTrumpet HyTech Wins High Awards from U.S. Band Directors

March 22nd, 2021 | 2 min read

By Rich Breske

In early 2020, pBone Music offered band directors the opportunity to receive and evaluate the pTrumpet hyTech trumpet. pTrumpet hyTech marks a new chapter in trumpet evolution – it combines metal and polymer to deliver a performance standard comparable to higher-quality student trumpets. The pTrumpet hyTech won the Tools for Schools award at the 2019 NAMM show. Still, we wanted to know what band directors really thought of this innovation in trumpet performance.

Forty directors received a hyTech trumpet. Responsive and free-blowing, the pTrumpet hyTech's design is highly focused on the player’s interests and values. Evaluations by band directors proved this:

  • 95% noted that the pTrumpet hyTech has a good, characteristic trumpet sound.
  • 90% said that the instrument has good intonation.
  • 95% that the hyTech trumpet responds well and is easy to play.


One director noted, “I expected the trumpet to sound good and play well, but because of its light weight I will admit I had some doubts. However, the trumpet exceeded my expectations by far! The intonation was very good over a wide range of 4 octaves of G. The horn also sounded great in the hands of 2 of my students. We recorded them playing a concert Bb scale on both their student model horns as well as the pTrumpet hyTech and then listened to it. It was honestly hard to tell the difference. If anything we all agreed that the hyTech trumpet sounded a little better.”

If you want to hear how it sounds, give it a listen: 

Regarding mechanisms and overall design, 97.5% agreed that the pTrumpet hyTech has all of the features they would expect for this level of trumpet including a correctly fitting mouthpiece and brass receiver. 92.5% agreed that all instrument parts fit together well. One teacher commented, “Really appreciate the metal receiver as well as the valves. I find this lends to a better overall sound and will eventually lead to a longer lasting horn that is less likely to break.”

The case and silver plated 7C mouthpiece included with the hyTech, also received overwhelming praise, with every teacher commenting on the comfort and protection the case offers. “As a traveling teacher that moves between 7 different schools, I can easily get bogged down. This instrument has proven to be a tremendous asset, it's lightweight and easy-to-carry case is perfect for my situation. The case comes with backpack straps, an over-the-shoulder strap, and sturdy handles that allow for a variety of ways to carry that fit everyone's situation.”

Finally, we asked teachers to tell us how they would envision using the pTrumpet hyTech in the future. 80% recommended the pTrumpet hyTech for general beginner use and nearly 75% also suggested it for home practice. About half suggested it for outdoor marching and a third proposed it for all uses including a director demonstration instrument and for smaller players and those with special needs.

It’s clear that directors see the great potential and most chose to purchase the demonstration instrument for their own use rather than return it.

For more information on the unique pTrumpet hyTech, head to the pTrumpet hyTech product page. pTrumpet hyTech is available from all pInstrument dealers.

Rich Breske

Rich grew up on Chicago’s south side and attended Marist High School, where he was an active member and drum major of the school’s marching band. He attended Elmhurst College (University), receiving a degree in marketing and music-business. His early career included time at the Chicago Symphony and Ravinia Festival organizations, as well as classes at the Chicago-Kent College of Law. Rich’s career has been dedicated to music education. He has worked closely with educators, professionals, retail businesses and corporations. He has established key education partnerships and has served on the board of directors for several non-profit education organizations. He has provided executive planning and marketing acumen for 21st century companies through Strategic Marketing Management, LLC since 2011. Prior to opening his own firm, he served in key management roles at KHS America, Inc., the Conn-Selmer division of Steinway & Sons, Inc., and United Musical Instruments, all worldwide manufacturers and distributors. He served in the management of the SMART Foundation which provided programs and advocacy support for arts education. He has also authored several publications focused on the arts and education and has served on the boards of non-profit music education organizations.