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Rethinking Recorder Cases

June 2nd, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Adam McCulloch

Rethinking recorder cases.

Kids prefer boxes.

It happens all the time. You save up your cash and spend it on your child…only to see them playing with the packaging and not the product. 

This can be frustrating. It can also be pretty adorable. But why the fascination with the wrapping?

Way back in 2012, studies showed that one in seven children played longer with their Christmas present packaging than the present inside. But what about when the present inside is a musical instrument?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: once you become a fully-fledged music addict, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is the box.

Whether you’ve been treated to a pTrumpet or you’ve gifted your child their own Soundbops, the packaging finds it hard to compete. 

At Warwick Music, we like to think differently. After all, packaging that is played with is not headed straight to landfill. Our commitment as a business to sustainability means we are always looking at ways to improve at every stage. So what if we could create product packaging that would last beyond that first unboxing?

We decided that our new recorder - the pCorder - was the perfect product to test out our packaging with a difference. Read on to find out how we designed a unique recorder instrument case that really thinks outside the box.

pCorder Side-2

Reducing plastic in packaging

Whether you’re ordering food, toys, clothing, or even a musical instrument, you will almost certainly be confronted with single-use plastic in your delivery. With plastic in our seas and oceans and the effects of global heating being felt across the globe, any reductions can make a big difference. 

Musical instruments are typically wrapped in plastic film, along with other products like polystyrene inside cardboard boxes. But the amount of plastic film and wrapping produced annually in the USA could shrink-wrap the entire state of Texas. 

Our pMusic range, including the new pCorder, is manufactured from ABS plastic. This plastic is fully-recyclable and built to last. In fact, pCorder is the world’s first carbon-neutral recorder. But eliminating unnecessary plastic packaging was necessary to create an even more sustainable product. 

pCorder is manufactured in the United Kingdom, the hub of our business. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint, rather than outsourcing to other parts of the world and adding further emissions from delivery. But producing thousands of instruments means that any small changes in areas like packaging can make a big, big difference.

Removing any single-use plastic from the delivering process will make a big difference. But we wanted to go further than just swapping out plastic for a more recyclable alternative. What if the box…could become more than a box?

pCorder Open-2

A recorder instrument case with a difference

Fun things get delivered in tubes. Those posters you hang on your bedroom wall as a kid, sweets, recorders…

Hang on a minute, recorders? 

Yes, we decided that a tube would not only make for a perfect way to deliver the new pCorder but would create a case to keep the recorder safe and sound great. If you look after your pCorder tube, you can get months of use from this recorder case, all with the packaging that your instrument arrived in.

You might be thinking so what? Well, this is not just a tube.

This is a tube designed with recorders and young learners in mind. The pCorder tube is lined with greaseproof paper. Why? To keep pesky moisture out. Moisture and recorders do not mix, so lining our tube with this material will keep your recorder in better condition (which means a better sound). Eagle-eyed musicians may also notice a small hole at the bottom of the tube. This too is designed to allow moisture to escape. Nifty, right?

pCorder Hole-2

Children can write their names in the box to make this recorder case even more special. No more losing your instrument in the classroom. You could even add stickers, drawings, wrapping paper and more to customise your case!

But before you change things up, be sure to scan the Learn to Play QR code. You'll be taken to our pCorder Learn to Play page when you do. This page has everything you need to get started with your new instrument, from tips on the basic techniques to looking after your pCorder. 

We will add more free resources, videos and support for young learners: it's the complete recorder package!

You can also pick up more pCorder tubes, for other recorders or if you want a fresh look for the new year. Get in touch and we can kick out the plastic and go totally tubular.

pCorder Internal-2

A new way of delivering musical instruments 

We are excited about the potential for sustainable packaging, and ensuring that we continue our green mission at every stage. 

We are always on the lookout for new ways to make a difference and reduce the amount of plastic when delivering our instruments. We always want to see more from other manufacturers, dealers, and music retailers, and work together for a sustainable future.

Recyclable, reusable recorder cases are a step in the right direction. We have a long way to go but innovative solutions can help us reach a more sustainable future.

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  • If you want to check out more instrument cases, bags, accessories, and spares, head to our store.
  • pCorder is coming soon! If you like the look of this totally tubular packaging, here's where you'll land with our QR code.

Adam McCulloch

Adam McCulloch is Content Manager for Warwick Music. He joined the company in 2022. The role combines his twin passions: writing and music.