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pBone Has Revolutionised Our Music Lessons!

January 16th, 2015 | 1 min read

By Denis Wick Products

Gethin Thomas, an education expert and Head of Music shares his experience of using pBone in classes in this case study. 

“pBone has revolutionised our music lessons – opening up a whole new genre of music to the children. An instrument that was traditionally very delicate – is now available to children of all ages and all abilities. This is such an important fact.

Music is an integral part of the curriculum in our special needs school.

As music is a therapeutic medium, I have seen first-hand – the benefits of adding the pBone to our lessons. The benefits for our pupils are clear and as the school caters for a range of diverse special educational needs, it is extremely important.

Check out pBone

Pupil participation is a priority, and the pBone enables us to include a wide ability of our pupils – and to actively engage with them in musical activity. We find that the pBone is very accessible and is certainly very attractive for pupils, with its distinct colours and quick assembly.

In our recent Christmas show a whole item was set aside for, what we have named; the pBone band - and it was a great success!

We had many messages from parents of the pBone band saying that this was the first time their child had performed in anything - never mind a Christmas concert with over 150 people in the audience.

Not only are the students interested in the instruments – even the staff have taken to the pBone – picking their favourites from the different choice of colours!”

Gethin Thomas, head of music at Canolfan Addysg y Bont, Anglesey Special School,  in Llangefni. 


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