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See What Amazon Customers Are Saying About Soundbops

July 5th, 2023 | 2 min. read

By Adam McCulloch

See What Amazon Customers Are Saying About Soundbops.

Soundbops is a whole new way of learning to play and read music. Which makes customer reviews so vital.

Discovering what musicians, parents, teachers, and children think of Soundbops can help us to guide our users through the Soundbops journey. We want all young people to feel the benefits that music can provide, which is why we feel Soundbops is such a powerful tool. 

Soundbops has been part of the Warwick Music family for almost a year. Our pedigree of helping young children to start music smarter makes Soundbops an ideal fit. 

We see the potential for what Soundbops can do...but what do real Amazon customers think about this product?

Let's find out and learn more about Soundbops can help children to start music smarter.

Soundbops Board 2

"Brilliant - especially for SEN (Special Educational Needs"

One of the key features of Soundbops is its accessibility. Children can engage with the tactile buttons and intuitive controls to create sounds. For children with SEN (Special Educational Needs), musical instruments like Soundbops can introduce the core concepts of music in a fun, accessible way. Receiving testimonials like this five-star parent review shows how powerful music can be for young children:

"An amazing learning resource, this has been especially helpful for my son with learning difficulties that otherwise make playing music hard. He can play all of the songs in book 1 and it really helped him to feel a sense of achievement."

Soundbops 15 Feb 2020 Finals Copyright 2020 @cursetheseeyes-9-2

"Great learning instrument"

Learning the basics of music theory at a young age can allow children to progress faster and more effectively with a new instrument. This five-star review from 2021 highlights what Sounbdops can do for your child:

"Great product, teaches the fundamentals of music theory and allows the parent to guide the child through.
Well made, sturdy and lots of fun for both adults and children."

It is worth pointing out the word "sturdy." Our pInstruments range has been designed to stand up to extended use by children at home, in the classroom or on the move. That's why Soundbops fits in perfectly. We understand that musical instruments are an investment. A robust product that gives years of use is better for the planet, better for the pursestrings, and better for your child's musical development.


"Great product to encourage children's musical skills"

Giving toddlers and preschoolers the chance to engage with music and create sounds is a huge plus for Soundbops. With many primary instruments, such as percussion sets, the focus is one area of learning (in the case of percussion, this would be rhythm). 

Soundbops opens up lots of potential skills but allows children to engage with these concepts at their own pace. The structure of chords is usually learned at a much later age, but stacking the bops introduces this idea in a fun, engaging way. This five-star parent review demonstrates how effective Soundbops can be with young musicians in the making:

"My 3-year-old loves the Soundbops. She enjoys making different songs and it is definitely improving her musical talent. I would highly recommend it."

Start Music Smarter With Soundbops!

"Lots of fun and a great way to learn music"

Soundbops is still the new musical learning tool on the block, so expect more reviews to flood in soon. Like all our instruments, Soundbops is designed to make music as fun and accessible as possible. 

Giving every child the chance to learn to play an instrument is at the heart of the Warwick Music mission. We have seen and experienced the joy that music can bring. Soundbops puts the fun in the fundamentals, giving kids the chance to engage with musical theory and notation from an early age. 

If we can give more five-star first experiences for children in music, more children than ever before will get the chance to read, play, and love music.

Start Music Smarter With Soundbops!

Adam McCulloch

Adam McCulloch is Content Manager for Warwick Music. He joined the company in 2022. The role combines his twin passions: writing and music.