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Antibacterial Solutions for Musical Instruments

June 21st, 2023 | 2 min. read

By Polygiene

Antibacterial Solutions for Musical Instruments

Playing, making and listening to music is one of life’s great joys. It’s a unifying human experience.

Which is why we love World Music Day so much. Created to encourage musicians of all ages and abilities to get outside and play music in public spaces, it calls attention to the importance of music in our everyday lives.

At Warwick Music, we believe that everyone should enjoy the benefits of making music. 

Making music accessible

World Music Day is about making music more accessible. It’s about celebrating the role music plays in our society and helping those who enjoy listening and playing music find each other.

Accessibility is crucial to this aim. It’s why we focus on improving access to musical instruments in schools by making our products more hygienic and safe. One of the ways we do so is by including Polygiene BioMaster in our plastic instruments.

The importance of antimicrobials

Antimicrobials like Polygiene BioMaster play a vital role in manufacturing our instruments. Whether it is creating components for our award-winning brass instruments or providing instruments for thousands of children in Wales, antimicrobials have been 

Without Polygiene BioMaster, sharing instruments would be far less hygienic and there would be greater transmission of illness between students. For children, teachers, and parents, this is vital.

Solutions like Polygiene BioMaster prevents bacterial growth and limit the spread of microorganisms. Consequently, they are essential in busy, public environments like schools, where bacterial spread occurs quickly and can have significant consequences.

Understanding the science behind Polygiene BioMaster

Polygiene BioMaster is an antimicrobial technology that provides 24/7, long-lasting protection against bacteria and other unwanted microorganisms. It proactively inhibits and disrupts bacterial growth via a powerful silver ion technology that binds with the bacterial cell wall, disrupts enzyme production to limit energy production, and interferes with cell DNA to prevent replication.

Crucially, we integrate Polygiene BioMaster into products and materials at the manufacturing stage. This means it stays active for the product’s entire lifespan and can’t be washed away or removed. It makes it perfectly suited to our award-winning musical instruments.

Complementing antimicrobials with cleaning and storage solutions

Antimicrobials aren’t a silver bullet or a magic solution, though. They need to be used in conjunction with other hygiene measures to maximise efficacy. Regular hand washing and surface cleaning are two of the most common safeguards.

Other extra protections work too: for instance, washing down your pCorder with soapy water and a cleaning brush. We also provide a protective recorder case manufactured from sustainable materials. It features a QR code that links to recorder learning resources

WMG and Polygiene - making music more hygienic

At WMG, we are very proud of our efforts to improve access to high-quality, durable musical instruments. We want kids to enjoy playing music and Polygiene BioMaster enables us to provide schools and other customers with safe and secure instruments that help us realize that goal.

The Warwick Music Group is the maker of the best-selling trombone in the world. And Polygiene BioMaster is one of the most advanced antimicrobial solutions in the world. It’s a match made in music heaven and we love that innovative hygiene technologies like Polygiene BioMaster are available to ensure we deliver the best possible product for all the budding musicians out there.

With that in mind, we want to wish music lovers everywhere a very happy World Music Day!

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