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The Music Marvels Method

February 20th, 2024 | 2 min read

By Adam McCulloch

The Music Marvels Method

In the world of music education, innovation is the key to unlocking a student's potential.

The Music Marvels series is a revolutionary approach to teaching brass and wind instruments, with its co-creator, Steven Legge. With over three decades of experience in music education, Steven has developed a method that not only addresses common teaching challenges but also enriches the learning experience for students and educators alike.

Now, Steven has created an interactive Teacher's Pack for the popular Music Marvels books. Let's find out more about the series and the story behind this groundbreaking series of music publications.

Steven Legge conducting an orchestra.

Steven Legge, Musical Pioneer

Steven Legge, a seasoned educator, performer, adjudicator, and conductor, has dedicated his life to music education. With a career spanning over 30 years, Steven has seen firsthand the gaps in traditional music teaching methods. His journey from a peripatetic music tutor to a senior lecturer at the University of the West of England has been marked by a constant quest for better ways to engage and educate young musicians.

The creation of Music Marvels was born out of Steven's own frustrations with existing teaching materials. "I got bored with my own teaching," Steven shares. "I got bored saying the same things every week, and I got bored having the same problems coming back from the students." This frustration and self-reflection sparked a journey of exploration and experimentation, leading to the development of a series that focuses on the tutor's role in revitalising the learning process.

The Challenges with Traditional Music Tutor Books

Steven highlights the limitations of conventional tutor books, noting their one-size-fits-all approach and lack of engagement. "There were some definite issues with the layout, pace of pages, and student progression," he explains. This revelation was the catalyst for Music Marvels, designed to address these shortcomings by offering a more dynamic, interactive learning experience.

Music Marvels stands out for its vibrant layout, characters, and inclusion of backing tracks, transforming the learning experience into an adventure. Steven emphasises the importance of making learning accessible and enjoyable. "We tried to take out as much of the information that could be posed as a question or could be put into a creative activity," he says. This student-led approach encourages exploration and creativity, ensuring that learning is not just about acquiring knowledge but about deep understanding and application.

The response to Music Marvels from the educational community has been overwhelmingly positive. Educators appreciate its focus on student engagement, achievable progression, and the emphasis on understanding over rote learning. "It is student-focused, easy to use, and fundamentally different to other tutor books," Steven notes, highlighting the shift towards a more interactive, co-constructed learning experience.

Music Marvels books for pBone and pTrumpet

Music Marvels Teacher's Guide: A New Resource for Educators

Recognising the diverse needs of educators, Steven recently introduced the Music Marvels Teacher's Guide. This resource is designed to support teachers at different stages of their careers, offering fresh ideas and strategies to enhance their teaching. The guide is a testament to Steven's belief in continuous learning and improvement, both for students and educators.

By challenging traditional methods and prioritising student engagement and understanding, Music Marvels offers a fresh perspective on teaching brass and wind instruments. For educators looking to breathe new life into their classrooms, Steven's message is clear: explore, engage, and empower.

As we conclude our conversation, Steven shares a thought that encapsulates the essence of Music Marvels: "We're not just developing brass players or woodwind players; we're developing musicians." It's a powerful reminder of the ultimate goal of music education—to cultivate a deep, lasting love for music that transcends technical proficiency.

Discover how Music Marvels can transform your teaching and inspire your students. With resources like the Teacher's Guide and backing tracks, Music Marvels is more than just a method. Check out the Music Marvels website for more information. 

Warwick Music is the home of many of Steven's publications, including Brass Mania in a number of formats, including trombone bass clef, Music Marvels editions of Learn to Play pTrumpet, Learn to Play pBone, and other Music Marvels titles.

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