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BUZZ21! pBuzz Class: Episode One

November 10th, 2023 | 1 min read

By Adam McCulloch

Grant Golding Episode 1 of BUZZ21!

Want to know how teachers can get started with pBuzz in the classroom? You're in luck, because one expert educator has been there, done that, and got the pBuzz. In our exciting video series, BUZZ21, musical maestro Grant Golding reveals why he believes the pBuzz reigns supreme for classroom teaching. 

Grant's journey with the pBuzz began roughly half a decade ago, and during that time, he's illuminated the minds of students ranging from ages 6 to 11 and beyond. While many educators find the pBuzz to be a stalwart companion in early learning environments, its potential can sometimes be overlooked in older age groups. Grant's mission? To showcase how this versatile instrument can be woven seamlessly into a plethora of classroom projects, regardless of the age of the students.

Think back to your primary school days. Remember those interdisciplinary projects, like exploring World War II? You might have crafted artefacts, whipped up era-specific cakes (some that really were rock cakes), and, most importantly, delved into the music of the times. It's this marriage of music with thematic projects that Grant emphasises. As a brass teacher, he feels a responsibility not just to those students already in love with music, but to engage every class member, fostering an all-inclusive, joyous learning environment. And that's where pBuzz truly shines.

With a collection of 20 pBuzz instruments in tow, Grant integrates music into various classroom themes, be it Ancient Egypt, world music, or World War II. But he's candid: crafting lessons around the pBuzz requires a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of outside-the-box thinking. It's not always straightforward, and there's seldom a ready-made guide that dictates which tune aligns with which project.

But fear not! The primary aim of the BUZZ21! video series is to lift the fog. Grant is set to share invaluable tips, tricks, and resources that he's curated over the years, all to make the pBuzz integration into your classroom as seamless and engaging as possible.

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So, for all the educators out there eager to revolutionise their teaching approach and captivate every student in the room, stay tuned. Let's make learning not just informative but downright fun, one pBuzz note at a time!

Adam McCulloch

Adam is the Content Manager at pBone Music. This should mean that he’s the ideal person to write about himself, but he finds boasting in the third person a little awkward. He honed his word wizardry with a degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Leeds. He has since written copy for clients and businesses across the land, from awards to something beginning with “z”. He also spent a number of years as a musician. He has written pop songs and even jingles for kids, performed more first dances at weddings than you could shake a pBuzz at, and once played a gig for a pie company at The Etihad Stadium in Manchester. When he’s not reminiscing about those good old days, you might find Adam enjoying the football (although as an Everton fan, that can be difficult). He also loves spending time with his partner, Jen, and his family and friends, and sincerely hopes they feel the same way.