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Jeremy Dibb Celebrates Thirty Years of Warwick Music

April 12th, 2024 | 2 min read

By Adam McCulloch

Jeremy Dibb Celebrates Thirty Years of Warwick Music

 As Warwick Music commemorates its 30th anniversary, we delve into the archives, with composer and music educator Jeremy Dibb playing a pivotal role in the start of the journey. 

Along with fellow co-founder Simon Hogg, Jeremy published the original pieces that now form part of the ever-growing catalogue of brass and wind music available from Warwick Music.

The Early Days of Warwick Music Publishing

Jeremy recalls, "I've got lovely memories," as he reminisces about his initial awe of Simon Hogg, a renowned trombonist and a founding member of the Fine Arts Brass Ensemble. Despite both residing in Warwick, their paths had scarcely crossed until a fateful encounter over a brass quintet Jeremy had composed. "We sat there listening to this brass quintet, and we just had a good old natter as you do when you've got two brass players talking."

This meeting in Jeremy's bedroom, surrounded by equipment, would mark the beginning of a profound partnership and the beginning of Warwick Music.

Their shared passion for trombone music ignited a collaborative spark. "I think the concept of finding good original music for trombone sort of took off from there," Jeremy reflects, acknowledging his modest view of himself not as a composer, but as a hobbyist with a profound impact on trombone choirs and brass music. "I find that writing the trombones and the similarity they have to the human voice and just the quality of the sound when they play together is extraordinary," says Jeremy.

Jeremy's creation, an octet named 'Provence,' stands as a testament to his musical legacy, consistently performed and beloved by directors and musicians alike. "If you got one piece that's regularly performed, that's not bad, is it?" 

Among his compositions, Jeremy finds a special pride in his pieces for young players. He notes the importance of providing young musicians with foundational pieces, crucial for their developmental journey. "I'm quietly pleased with what I've written for young players because obviously if you don't have young players, you don't have anything, do you? So, I'm very flattered that they're still in the catalogue at Warwick Music."

Check out the full interview with Jeremy:

Warwick - A Singing Town

Transitioning from brass to voice, Jeremy now leads singing projects, championing the belief that singing forms the cornerstone of musical education. He is the Research and Delivery Lead for Warwick - A Singing Town, a community-wide choral project to spread the joy of singing in schools and groups across his home county - the county that gave the publishing company its name!

He highlights the many benefits of singing, from breath control to emotional well-being, particularly accentuated during the challenges of COVID-19. "It's so much easier to pick up an instrument if you’ve been singing as a child for two or three years and singing regularly and singing in class.

Jeremy has spent much of his working life in music education, serving as Director of Warwickshire Music Service between 2014 and 2020. He understands better than most the pressure that services have to deliver music. "I know that it is really challenging to run choirs and ensembles for young people. What's encouraging is that at the adult level, joining your local community choir seems to be on the up."

In a rich musical life, Warwick Music gives Jeremy "a buzz" to this day. "Simon and I do meet up quite regularly. It's just great to think that something we started all happened in Simon's top bedroom that got converted into the music room. We sat there on the floor together, binding all these books up and sending them out by hand. But to see where it's got to now, I mean, that's great. It's quite nice to think I was there at the start."

Adam McCulloch

Adam is the Content Manager at pBone Music. This should mean that he’s the ideal person to write about himself, but he finds boasting in the third person a little awkward. He honed his word wizardry with a degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Leeds. He has since written copy for clients and businesses across the land, from awards to something beginning with “z”. He also spent a number of years as a musician. He has written pop songs and even jingles for kids, performed more first dances at weddings than you could shake a pBuzz at, and once played a gig for a pie company at The Etihad Stadium in Manchester. When he’s not reminiscing about those good old days, you might find Adam enjoying the football (although as an Everton fan, that can be difficult). He also loves spending time with his partner, Jen, and his family and friends, and sincerely hopes they feel the same way.